Things that You Can Do on a Laptop That You Probably Did Not Know

Even if you have owned your laptop for a few years now, you still may not be aware of some of the other features that it has. There are still some things that your laptop can do that you do not know about. If the suggestions listed below do not work on your laptop, then it may be time to look at this black friday pc offer and get a new one for yourself.

Things That Your Laptop Can Do That You Do Not Know About


You can go into dark mode


A nice feature that laptops have, even new one that you can get through is the dark mode. Dark mode for a computer has many benefits. For one, it makes it easier for your eyes to look at the screen of your laptop. Second, you can save battery life when you are in a dark mode. You also help your laptop charge quicker when it is in dark mode. If you are still not aware of this, you can go to the Settings Panel and pick the Personalization setting. You can then choose the dark color that you prefer. You can also make the options more specific with the Custom setting.


You can play games from a console


Windows laptops have the capability to stream games on Xbox through the Xbox app that plays through the laptop. Although this does not work on other Xbox consoles, it is still good to know that you can use your laptop to stream games that, otherwise, only play on your consoles.


You can pin websites to the taskbar


If you have a favorite website that you often go to, you can save it on the taskbar by going to the More Tools options and pinning it to the Taskbar. This capability makes it easy for you to go back to the website anytime you want to do it. It reduces the amount of time that you open it when you go to the browser first, then search for the website, and click on it. By having the website on the taskbar, you can make sure that you are being more productive and efficient in your time,


You can use an extension monitor for your laptop


Your laptop may have a big screen already but it does not mean that you cannot get a bigger monitor as an extension of display for your laptop. With the technology that televisions and monitors now have, you can actually use these secondary screens to help you spread your windows and apps better. You can use more monitors so that you can work simultaneously between apps and manage your time better. Those who work in their homes can maximize this capability of their laptops by having a nice and effective setup where they can see everything that they need at the click of a button.



You can still be surprised with the capabilities of your laptop. Your laptop may be two to three years old but it can still shock you with what it can do. You can try every tip that was suggested above and see if it works on your laptop. It is great to see old laptops still functioning well. It means that you are getting your money’s worth on the device. It should serve its purpose and not the other way around. If it does come to the end of its life, you can always check the black friday dubai sale and buy the one that is best for you.

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