The Ways that Smartphones Change Our Lives

The continuing innovation in mobile phone technology has brought us surprises, especially in the past years. We find out that many activities and significant events are closely related to smartphones, and it has become a trend that more items are available on our smartphones. Despite some drawbacks, smartphones offer more benefits to our lives. In this article, we will illustrate how smartphones change our lives, regarding the workplace and daily activities.

Smartphones Improve Our Efficiency for Working

It is sure that the computer is still the most useful tool for work. However, the development of the smartphone segment has increased the flexibility and make smartphone an office tool as well. In this section, more details will be discussed.

Bigger Screens

Many smartphones are built with a bigger screen. Although it is still too small compared to a computer, it should be enough to do many things. For instance, a lot of office tools are available in the smartphone Appstore. With a big screen, users could edit documents, modify pictures, and even use professional tools. That’s why office workers could manage their jobs even when they are out.

Real-time Communication

It is one of the main functions of a smartphone to make it essential for working. With the internet on, workers can capture important information on time through their smartphones and then they can handle their jobs. More than phone calls, almost every smartphone supports video conferencing, by which better communication could be made to improve work efficiency.

Supportive Apps and Tools

With the rising demand of working with smartphones, a lot of office software has a mobile version. As the internet speed has increased, working with smartphones become possible, and developers have built several tools for the workplace. For example, Google Workspace is used to manage user’s documents, including ppts, emails, and others. It allows the user to coordinate with others and work together at the same time, which will keep the essential documents updated on time.

Smartphones Smooth Our Daily Lives

Many daily activities could be accomplished with smartphones, and it will be demonstrated below.


If you don’t want to bring a book when moving around, e-books could be the best alternative. The advantage of reading through e-books is convenient. it's not an exaggeration to say that you can carry "the whole library" in your electronics and read whatever you want but just pay a little. The low cost and portability have attracted more readers to use e-books. You can also charge the phone when reading an e-book. For example, using an iphone wireless charger as a ‘book holder’ is a good idea to read (the height is adjustable).

Social Media

Certainly, people spend a lot of time on social media, and the number of users us still rising. Instead of Newspapers, people are now catching news through social media, because they can browse as much information as they want to and aim at the specific topics they like. Moreover, social media is preferred as the main communication tool among young users, rather than calling. Sharing moments and talking to others through social media are enriching our daily lives.



In conclusion, the smartphone plays an important role in the workplace as it creates instructive conditions (big screen, workplace-related apps, real-time communications, etc.) for us to work easier. Meanwhile, smartphones also support our mental needs. An increasing number of people read e-books on their smartphones, and now, people spend more time on the social media, as it is the brigde to connect people and information around the world.

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